Refund Policy

Posted by First Curated on

Please note that by the act of purchasing Curated Manila item/s through use of your credit card/depositing the amount due/transferring the amount due, you are:

1. Agreeing to a no refund, no exchange policy for ANY reason whatsoever.

2. Stating that you have seen all the photos and details of the item/s you are purchasing and have done all the necessary research to verify on your own that you are purchasing an authentic item in the condition described, as part of your own due diligence. You have contacted professional authenticators such as AuthenticateFirst, RealAuthentication and Etinceller to authenticate the item/s that you are about to purchase.

3. Stating that you understand that Curated Manila will be absolutely free of (and unburdened by) all legal liabilities. Items are sold as is.

Thank you for shopping with us! :) Have a blessed day.

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