Consignment Process

FirstCurated Consignment


Thank you for your interest in consigning with us.
To make things easy for you, here are the steps for consignment, outlined! :)

Throughout this guide, Owner pertains to you, the owner of the items. Seller pertains to us. Buyer/s pertain/s to our potential customer/s for your items.


  • STEPS 1 through 3 are things you will be doing on your own.

  • STEPS 4 and 5 are things that will involve FirstCurated, if you will decide to consign with us.

STEP 1: Pick out stuff you want to consign.
Your items must fulfil these criteria to be accepted:
      • Item is authentic
      • Item is in good & usable condition
      • Item is from a designer house or by a contemporary designer like Manu Atelier, Wandler, APC, Yuzefi, et cetera.  We no longer accept consignments of Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors. 

 Here are some things we cannot carry:

  • Patent leather items
  • Shoes & wallets that show intense signs of use
People usually consign for different reasons (or a combination thereof):
  • They have too much stuff that aren’t being used
  • Their personal style has evolved, and their current set of possessions no longer reflect their style
  • Their personal lifestyle has changed (becoming a mom, for one), and they have new needs which their things no longer meet
  • They’re migrating to Canada or other countries (but it’s usually Canada, haha)
  • They bought items on impulse, and changed their minds afterwards
  • They just went on a wild shopping binge, and feel that they must repent by purging their closets
  • They received some well-intentioned gifts that aren’t really in coherence with their style....
  • ...And so on!
Details not to miss at this step:
  • Please only consign items you are 100% sure are authentic. You should have purchased them from the physical store of the brand directly, or from a respected online retailer.

  • Please only consign items you are 100% sure you no longer want to keep, to avoid being charged a pull-out fee (this is discussed in further detail upon commitment). You might also want to ask your sisters, friends, mom (and all the other fashionable people in your life) if they would like to have/buy your items instead.
STEP 2: Make sure we subscribe to the same sort of thinking.

Curated Manila consignment is a service, and our job is to help you get your unwanted personal items sold. Two-way respect and trust, plus clear alignment, is key to our mutual success (and happiness, hehe) so please check if we’re on the same page about certain things:

  • Owner and Seller should both be good people with good intentions and good manners.

  • Owner is absolutely certain of the authenticity of her items.

  • Owner will be absolutely honest, to the best of her ability, with Seller about where and when the items were purchased.

  • Owner can manage her expectations and understand that items depreciate when they are used, out of season, and/or out of production. Owner also understands that although she may assign sentimental value (and corresponding monetary value) to a certain item, buyers will not. Owner also understands that used shoes often sell for just a fraction of their original purchase price.

  • Owner and Seller both share the intention and goal of disposing of all consigned items. Further reduction is sometimes an essential part of clearing slow-moving stock (items still unsold after 60 days).

  • Seller is managing a business that has both overhead and variable costs. Whenever Owner consigns items to Seller, Seller invests on the owner's items as she expends costs to photograph, document, price, store, and promote Owner’s items.

  • Seller is responsible for the care and wellbeing of owner’s consigned items, but acts of God (floods, earthquakes, wars and the like) are beyond her control. Owner also acknowledges that items may still age under Seller’s care, even when kept well — such as in the cases of patent items and polyurethane sunglass cases.

  • Seller will never personally use consigned items, and Seller is obligated to alert Owner once the item is sold.

STEP 3: Contact us via an e-mail to

At this point (if you find yourself agreeable to the ideals outlined in steps 1 & 2), kindly e-mail us clear photos of your items, and give us a general idea of the level of new-ness.

A. Item-related details:

  1. Where the item was bought (country? store?)
  2. What the item comes with (receipt? dustbag? card?)
  3. What the item has been through (have you had it recolored?)
  4. How much your asking price for the item is, and whether that price is fixed or open to suggestion (if you say it is fixed, we will just accept or decline).

B. Personal details:

  1. Your name
  2. Your residential address, for returns of unsold items
  3. Your contact number
  4. Your e-mail address
  5. Your bank account of choice, for deposits of sold items
  6. A copy of a government-issued ID

STEP 4: Confirmation

Please wait for us to e-mail you back regarding prices. If everything's cool, we'll then send you a contract which we will need you to sign and send back to us. We will also give you the shipping/drop-off address for your items.

STEP 5: Relax and watch your $$$money$$$ roll in!!

We’ll do the selling for you, and deposit payments for sold items within 14 days of sale.

**After 60 days of consignment:
Should there be any unsold items after 60 days of consignment, Owner has two options:

  1. Reprice: Seller will suggest new prices, for the approval of Owner. Otherwise, the Owner can also choose the other option (return).

  2. Return: Seller will ship back the Owner’s items. Shipping will be charged to Owner.